Agency Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan

Agency Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan under 42 U.S.C. § 6374e(b) says that through their petroleum reduction plan, agencies can employ strategies such as using alternative fuels, acquiring high fuel-economy vehicles (such as hybrid, neighborhood electric, electric, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) if they are commercially available, substituting cars for light trucks, increasing vehicle load factors, decreasing vehicle miles traveled, and decreasing fleet size.

Originating Legislation
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(1) Requirement—

(A) In general—

The regulations under subsection (a) shall require each Federal agency to develop a plan, and implement the measures specified in the plan by dates specified in the plan, to meet the required petroleum reduction levels and the alternative fuel consumption increases, including the milestones specified by the Secretary.

(B) Inclusions—

The plan shall—

(i) identify the specific measures the agency will use to meet the requirements of subsection (a)(2); and (ii) quantify the reductions in petroleum consumption or increases in alternative fuel consumption projected to be achieved by each measure each year.

(2) Measures—

The plan may allow an agency to meet the required petroleum reduction level through—

(A) the use of alternative fuels;

(B) the acquisition of vehicles with higher fuel economy, including hybrid vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles, electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid vehicles if the vehicles are commercially available;

(C) the substitution of cars for light trucks;

(D) an increase in vehicle load factors;

(E) a decrease in vehicle miles traveled;

(F) a decrease in fleet size; and

(G) other measures.