Capital Planning and Building Retrofits

Agencies must ensure that capital planning and retrofit projects consider and prioritize building electrification and replacement of fossil-fuel consuming equipment with technologies that use carbon pollution-free energy; incorporation of on-site generation of carbon pollution-free energy and energy storage; use of technologies that meet performance needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions from building, campus, or installation operations; and where practical, use of ongoing data analytics for system diagnostics and persistence of savings.

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Sec. 205. Achieving Net-Zero Emissions Buildings, Campuses, and Installations.

(c) To reduce scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions, as defined by the Federal Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Reporting Guidance, to achieve net-zero emissions buildings, agencies shall:

(i) pursue building electrification strategies in conjunction with carbon pollution-free energy use, deep-energy retrofits, whole-building commissioning, energy and water conservation measures, and space reduction and consolidation;