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Defines agency, facility energy supervisor, trained energy manager, task force and energy conservation measure.

Originating Legislation
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For purposes of this subtitle—  [1]

(1) the term “agency” means  [2] has the meaning given such term in section 551 (1) of title 5, except that such term does not include the United States Postal Service;

(2) the term “facility energy supervisor” means the employee with responsibility for the daily operations of a Federal facility, including the management, installation, operation, and maintenance of energy systems in Federal facilities which may include more than one building;

(3) the term “trained energy manager” means a person who has demonstrated proficiency, or who has completed a course of study in the areas of fundamentals of building energy systems, building energy codes and applicable professional standards, energy accounting and analysis, life-cycle cost methodology, fuel supply and pricing, and instrumentation for energy surveys and audits;

(4) the term “Task Force” means the Interagency Energy Management Task Force established under section 8257 of this title; and

(5) the term “energy conservation measures” has the meaning given such term in section 8259 (4) of this title.