Energy Management Training

Each department and agency listed in subsection (a)(1) of section 8262c shall report to DOE on the status and implementation of the requirements of this section. 

Originating Legislation
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(a) Energy management training—

(1) Each executive department described under section 101 of title 5, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the General Services Administration, and the United States Postal Service shall establish and maintain a program to ensure that facility energy managers are trained energy managers. Such programs shall be managed—

(A) by the department or agency representative on the Task Force; or (B) if a department or agency is not represented on the Task Force, by the designee of the head of such department or agency.

(2) Departments and agencies described in paragraph (1) shall encourage appropriate employees to participate in energy manager training courses. Employees may enroll in courses of study in the areas described in section 8262 (3) of this title including, but not limited to, courses offered by—

(A) private or public educational institutions;

(B) Federal agencies; or

(C) professional associations.