Federal Building Performance Standards

Federal Building Performance Standards. Performance standards are a powerful tool to drive efficiency and emissions reductions in buildings. Pursuant to section 510(b)(ii) of the E.O., CEQ will issue Federal building performance standards to accelerate on-site emissions reductions and achieve building emissions goals. Agencies must use the standards in accordance with the guidance issued by CEQ.

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Sec. 510. Additional Guidance and Instructions for Agencies. (a) The Director of OMB, in coordination with the Chair of CEQ and the National Climate Advisor, shall issue a memorandum for agencies that provides direction on immediate actions and further requirements to meet the policies and goals of this order.

(b) To assist agencies in complying with this order, the Chair of CEQ, in consultation with the Director of OMB, shall:


(ii) issue building performance standards to support achievement of net-zero emissions in the Federal building portfolio under section 205 of this order;