Non-Essential Vehicles

Agencies must continue to meet statutory fleet management requirements, including petroleum reduction, acquisition of alternative fueled and low-emitting vehicles, and use of alternative fuel.

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In accordance with E.O. 13834 Section 1, agencies are instructed to meet statutory requirements related to energy and environmental performance of vehicles in a manner that increases efficiency, optimizes performance, and reduces waste and costs.

Implementing Instructions for Executive Order 13834 Efficient Federal Operations

  • Sec. III Sustainability Goals  
  • B. Fleet Management

Progress Metrics

  • Metrics: Reduction in petroleum consumption and increase in alternative fuel consumption.
  • Performance Measures: Achieved 20% petroleum reduction relative to FY 2005 and demonstrate annual progress each fiscal year.
  • Progress Milestones: Agencies will identify targets for petroleum reduction and alternative fuel increase for the next fiscal year in annual sustainability plans.