Supplier Emissions Tracking

Major Federal contractors will publicly report their annual corporate-level GHG emissions and set targets to reduce them. Major contractors will also disclose climate risks and vulnerabilities that may affect their future economic stability or their ability to deliver goods and services that are critical to Federal agency missions. These requirements will improve the resilience of Federal supply chains to increasing climate risks, strengthen the competitive position of American companies, and help to reduce contract costs through increased efficiency.

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Sec. 302. Supplier Emissions Tracking. The Administrator of GSA shall track disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions, emissions reduction targets, climate risk, and other sustainability-related actions by major Federal suppliers, based on information and data collected through supplier disclosure pursuant to the requirements of section 5(b)(i) of Executive Order 14030 of May 20, 2021 (Climate-Related Financial Risk), and shall assist the Chair of CEQ in assessing the results of efforts to reduce Federal supply chain emissions.