Tracking Progress Toward the CFE Goal

To calculate progress, agencies may include CFE produced and consumed at a Federal facility; purchased from a utility service provider, retail service provider, or energy supply contractor, through a power purchase agreement; or procured as part of a performance contract. Where applicable to the energy source, agencies must maintain or obtain and retire any attributes representing the renewable or zero-carbon nature of the purchased electricity, such as renewable energy certificates (RECs). In coordination with the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), CEQ will develop methodologies for CFE accounting to measure progress toward the goals of the E.O., including accounting for the share of CFE delivered to the regional electrical grid.

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Each agency shall increase its percentage use of carbon pollution-free electricity, so that it constitutes 100 percent of facility electrical energy use on an annual basis, and seek to match use on an hourly basis to achieve 50 percent 24/7 carbon pollution-free electricity, by fiscal year 2030. In addition, agencies shall facilitate new carbon pollution-free electricity generation and energy storage capacity by authorizing use of their real property assets, such as rooftops, parking structures, and adjoining land, for the development of new carbon pollution-free electricity generation and energy storage through leases, grants, permits, or other mechanisms, to the extent permitted by law.