Transitioning to a Zero-Emission Fleet

Each Federal agency will acquire ZEVs in all vehicle classes as vehicles come to market. Each Federal agency will acquire ZEVs for 100 percent of all light-duty vehicles by 2027 and all medium- and heavy-duty vehicles by 2035. Federal agencies will achieve the path to the acquisition targets through planning, coordination, and collaboration, informed by agency mission, ZEV model availability, and funding.

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Sec. 204. Transitioning to a Zero-Emission Fleet. Each agency's light-duty vehicle acquisitions shall be zero-emission vehicles by the end of fiscal year 2027. Each agency with a fleet comprising at least 20 vehicles shall develop and annually update a zero-emission fleet strategy that shall include optimizing fleet size and composition; deploying zero-emission vehicle re-fueling infrastructure; and maximizing acquisition and deployment of zero-emission light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles where the General Services Administration (GSA) offers one or more zero-emission vehicle options for that vehicle class.