2020 Leadership Agenda for Existing Commercial and Multifamily Buildings

February 16, 2016

Leadership by state and local governments is critical to unlock the national energy efficiency opportunities and deliver the benefits of efficiency to all Americans. Developed collaboratively by state and local officials, energy efficiency experts, and real estate practitioners, the Leadership Agenda defines the baseline actions that states and communities can take by 2020 to demonstrate national energy efficiency leadership. It aims to unite the energy efficiency priorities of cities, counties, states – as well as related support by philanthropic foundations, businesses, energy efficiency organizations, and federal agencies – around a shared vision for energy efficiency progress in the buildings sector over the next four years.

The Leadership Agenda focuses on six energy efficiency areas for state and local governments:

  1. Strengthening market demand for energy efficiency
  2. Unlocking data related to buildings and energy
  3. Expanding public-private partnerships and intergovernmental collaboration
  4. Improving access to capital for energy efficiency improvements
  5. Improving the energy efficiency of publicly owned facilities
  6. Adopting and implementing strong building energy codes. 
  • The 2020 Leadership Agenda for Existing Commercial Buildings is a valuable resource for building owners and property managers who may be interested in supporting and advancing policy options, such as improved access by commercial property-owners to whole-building energy consumption data and voluntary energy efficiency programs. 

    Scott Morris, Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International
For more information contact:
Tracy Narel, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Andrew Burr, U.S. Department of Energy

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