Benchmarking and Disclosure: State and Local Policy Design Guide and Sample Policy Language

May 16, 2012

Provides sample policy language based on a synthesis of existing state and local policies, and discussion on key provisions, for the design of a commercial benchmarking and disclosure policy.

  • This document has been very valuable to the District Department of the Environment as we implemented and refined our energy benchmarking and disclosure policy. The guide provides a standard that we can direct our peer cities to that builds on the best practices learned by early adopters like the District of Columbia.¬†

    Marshall Duer-Balkind, Government of the District of Columbia, Department of the Environment
  • This document was¬†essential to informing Montgomery County, Maryland, staff and policymakers on best practices related to energy performance benchmarking regulations. This helped facilitate the passage of the first county-wide energy performance benchmarking law in the Nation.

    Eric Coffman, Office of Energy and Sustainability, Montgomery County, Maryland
For more information contact:
Cody Taylor, U.S. Department of Energy
Tracy Narel, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Andrew Burr, U.S. Department of Energy
benchmarking and disclosure

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