Energy Efficiency Policy and Program Resources

The State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network (SEE Action) provides resources for the design and implementation of policies and programs that can drive investment in energy efficiency, create jobs, and reduce consumer costs. These policies and programs can also strengthen the economic competitiveness of state and local entities by lowering the cost of living and doing business.

SEE Action also offers information about the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, which was a private-public initiative to create a sustainable, aggressive national commitment to energy efficiency through the collaborative efforts of gas and electric utilities, utility regulators, and other partner organizations.

Learn more about SEE Action activities related to the following policies and programs.

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Reduce residential energy consumption and consumer costs through information feedback and behavior change.
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Combined heat and power (CHP) can be an efficient and clean method of generating electric power and useful thermal energy from a single fuel source at the point of use.
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Utilize cost-effective whole building approaches to drive energy and cost savings across a commercial-scale building portfolio.
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Overcome barriers to energy efficiency investment in the residential and commercial sectors through enhanced financing.
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Provide customer and third-party access to energy use data to drive energy efficiency while respecting privacy concerns.
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EM&V is the collection of approaches for determining and documenting energy and non-energy benefits resulting from end-use energy efficiency activities and programs.
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Industrial energy efficiency often represents a large and cost-effective resource for policymakers and utilities to pursue, yielding many benefits including improved competitiveness in the US manufacturing sector through lower production costs.
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Regulatory policy can have a significant impact on investment in energy efficiency. Developing a set of regulatory policies appropriate for each individual state’s context will set a foundation for achieving all cost-effective energy efficiency.
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Improve residential energy efficiency program design, maximize energy savings, and support the development of a thriving home energy upgrade industry that delivers deep energy retrofits through services of a highly skilled, trained workforce.