CMMS in the Wind Industry (Abstract)

Through a wide variety of activities and interactions, Sandia has observed limited adoption of electronic work orders in the wind industry. To explore some of the contributing factors for this limited adoption, the CREW team looked to other industries to determine whether there are limitations in the tools sets available to the wind industry. To increase the insight into Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems, Sandia identified Management Resources Group, Inc. (MRG) to develop a report that will incorporate their many years of experience in industries like automotive, mining, gas and oil, and power generation. This report will review some of the software tools available for use in the wind industry. This report is one of the steps in driving a culture change toward the electronic collection of accurate work order data and the developing a "full data picture".

D. Belanger, D. Hart, B. Crull, B. Maier
Sandia National Laboratories
Technology Development
New Mexico
Technical Report