Directional wind-measurement derived from elastic backscatter lidar data in real-time

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The development of a capability to infer wind velocities simultaneously at a number of ranges along one direction in real time is described. The elastic backscatter lidar data used was obtained using the XM94 lidar, developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory for the US Army Chemical and Biological Detection Command. In some respects this problem is simpler than measuring wind velocities on meso-meteorological scales. Other requirements, particularly high temporal fidelity, have driven the development of faster software algorithms and suggested opportunities for the evolution of the hardware.

Los Alamos National Lab., NM (United States)
Resource Characterization, Forecasting & Maps
Distributed Wind
Utility-Scale Wind
Moore, D.S.; White, S.W.; Karl, R.R. Jr.; Newnam, B.E.