Hydrogen Storage in Wind Turbine Towers: Cost Analysis and Conceptual Design; Preprint

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Low-cost hydrogen storage is recognized as a cornerstone of a renewables-hydrogen economy. Modern utility-scale wind turbine towers are typically conical steel structures that, in addition to supporting the rotor, could be used to store hydrogen. The most cost-effective hydrogen tower design would use substantially all of its volume for hydrogen storage and be designed at its crossover pressure. An 84-m tall hydrogen tower for a 1.5-MW turbine would cost an additional $84,000 (beyond the cost of the conventional tower) and would store 950 kg of hydrogen. The resulting incremental storage cost of $88/kg is approximately 30% of that for conventional pressure vessels.

National Renewable Energy Lab., Golden, CO. (US)
Design Methods, Tools & Standards
Market Analysis
Distributed Wind
Utility-Scale Wind
Kottenstette, R.; Cotrell, J.