Housing Innovation Awards Application

Since 2013, the DOE Housing Innovation Awards have honored the very best in innovation on the path to zero energy ready homes by recognizing forward-thinking builders delivering American homebuyers with a better homeowner experience.

Welcome to the Zero Energy Ready Home Housing Innovation Awards program. As a Zero Energy Ready Home Builder Partner, this is your chance to be officially recognized as a housing industry leader by the U.S. Department of Energy. In particular, this program provides a special opportunity to:

  • be distinguished as a national award winner;
  • be featured on the DOE web site virtual 'Tour of Zero' being promoted in a national campaign cooperatively with key housing industry stakeholders;
  • receive extra homebuyer recognition on the Zero Energy Ready Home builder locator tool; and
  • receive press release templates promoting your industry leading performance.

To enter the DOE ZERH Housing Innovation Awards:

Please register or sign in and complete applications by June 15, 2021.